Family breakdowns and poverty hurting education

Family breakdowns and poverty hurting education

Family breakdowns and poverty hurting education

Everyone in this world wants his child to go to school and get a basic education, then take necessary high-schooling and college education after which he could be able to go for higher education which develops himself as an educated man and helps the world in development through his education. In actual, all this process is not so easy for some students. Many phases in lives or say many difficult situations in life prevents a sharp-minded and brilliant student to get a good education. This involves various situations which students face in his life, poverty and family breakdowns are more significant among others.

Most of the houses in America face severe family issues which might include parent’s separation or health scarce in any family member or death of the head of the family usually stops capable students of getting a good education. Many students get into depression due to various reasons because of which they no longer remain in right frame of mind to get an education in a proper manner. Separation of parents has severe consequences on children and their lives. It hurts the mental capacity of a child and restricts him to nurture and develop in his life as an educated person. Moreover, a high-school student might need to quit his education because of the death of the head of the family who is the only earner in the family. Many cases are being witnessed where the student is forced by his/her family crises like the death of the head of the family, to quit education and start whole day job to finance his/her family.

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poverty hurting education

Another major reason and most widely consequent reason which hurts the educational process of many students is the poverty. Many students in the world could not be able to continue their education due to their financial conditions. Poverty makes them work the whole day for their home and family due to which they cannot continue their school or college. Some of the deprived students seek to get an education in addition to their work but due to insufficient time, they could not able to perform well in their academics which ceases them to continue with professional education. This problem usually faced by students in rural areas where they do not have adequate resources to fund their families as well as their education. The government needs to work more seriously is solving this issue for poor students by offering different programs which fund the education of deserving students.

Moreover, it is witnessed that most of the students are quitting education after completing their high-schooling. This is mainly because college and university education are more expensive than high schools. Many students strive to fund their higher education by working part-time, but it is usually not sufficient in funding their whole educational cost. This also results in getting into large students debt which becomes a huge problem when it comes to repaying the debt. Obviously, students do not have enough saving to repay the debt which also includes huge markups. On the other side, if they work more of their day hours, it will negatively affect their education which involves incomplete assignments and low-performance. Moreover, they do not have enough money to buy the services like assignment writing service and cheap essay writing service which help them to complete their educational work on time.

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